Tuesday, 24 February 2009

We interrupt this silence...

For my contribution to the Fashionable Relay Challenge...

The deal? Bloggers (mostly fashion ones admittedly, I'm out of my element here but have always fancied a go) are blogging outfits and passing the baton onto the next in line, who creates another outfit featuring an item or items from the last, and so on.

Achariya set the tone for today with an outlandish Mardi Gras special and I looked on and thought "Oh this'll be easy... I'll just lift the corset and..." then it occurred to me... I'd look like I always do and show once and for all I do not have an ounce of imagination or fashion sense above and beyond what people know me for... So I backtracked and went hunting... Also I called in a little help from my good buddy George... Say Hello to the nice people out there George...

George is my male shape that I use for my ad boards. Looking down the list of bloggers taking part I was hard pressed to see anyone male, so I thought, without being nasty to Sarah The Red who drew the short straw of following me, it might be nice to genderbend this time out and throw up something a little more masculine.

First things first. I wimped out, going for the easy option and the Flipside 'F10' facial piercings to carry over. Ok admittedly it was the only unisex thing I could spot, although the Schadenfreude corset is in my inventory... uhm... no... not today.

Finishing off the face furniture I've thrown on a pair of Primoptic Stilo glasses (Nibb Tardis has a fangirl in me... and I've more or less been in a pair of his Plumes for two years now). The hair, beard and eyes I must confess are my own. A little seemy maybe, but I knew what I wanted and they were free (to me at least...) so I ran with it. Sorry.

The shirt is from Boingo - their part sheer men's Drowned top. I've been a fan of Jeela's work for a long time; so had to include something! The grey camo pants from Rocx, NAU combat boots (that I'm NEVER out of) from The Abyss, and a Trench from Cubic Effect sans forearms - Which have been replaced with a pair of Needful Things Death Raven bracers, resized from the female base to fit a male avatar.

The Skin's a Belezza one - Ewen, Med 0 - a little bit of a tan, but cleanshaven. All that was needed seeing as I was supplying the facial hair.

Thanks George... you can go relax now.

Well I guess that's everything. Tried to keep the look relatively simple with a little bit of something to it. Next time though I may play closer to home and go girly because it's true. There's really not that much out there for the guys... or if there is, I think I missed most of it.

The slurly bit:

Belleza - Ewen med 0

Discord Designs - Craig (Midnight)

Discord Designs - Ramon (Midnight)

Primoptic – Stilo

Flipside – F10 Facial piercings (as worm by Achariya)

Discord Designs - Starstruck - Alicia

Cubic Effect - Leather Coat for Men (black) Cuffs not used.

Needful Things - Death Raven Armor

Boingo - Black T-Shirt (Drowned)

Rocx - Camo Pants (Grey)

The Abyss NAU Unisex Combat Boots (Size 25)

Here endeth the attempt at fashion blogging...

Kalli (and George)


Sasy Scarborough said...

Woohoo well done, the shirt is hot hot and love the glasses, can't wait to see what Sarah does with it all.

xox Sasy xox

Achariya Rezak said...

*clapclap* you did an awesome job <3

Minx Arashi said...

LOVE it!! You don't give yourself enough credit grrrl... geez. Awesome post. Awesome look.

TeSa said...

What a great idea to bring out the male alt! Great job on the outfit too!

Anonymous said...

Awesome job! I had a hard time choosing which item to pick -- you gave me so many great options! :)