Sunday, 30 November 2008

Just by means of an introduction

I'm not going to assume that everybody who finds their way here does so through the main fashion blog... so I better do the decent thing and put down a few important salient points.

Hi... I'm Kallisti Burns... Better known to my friends as Kalli... I'm the person... well, avatar behind the Second Life store Discord Designs - one of the lesser known hair makers out there in the metaverse. I've been working on Sl making hair since... well... must be about February 2007, so slowly encroaching on 2 years now. My avatar has been inworld for two years save a week

Things to note about me should we cross paths in SL:

1) I stand a whopping 5'1" tall... or in avatar feet, 3 foot 5. Yes; I'm tiny by in-world standards for no other reason that this is what I'm used to being in Real Life. Not much of me here; so not much of me there. This is exaccerbated by every single shape maker in SL being insistent that a shape is not a shape without the height sliders maxed. This annoys me, but I could easily write thousands of words about that on is own, so I'll spare you.

2) I make my own hair and wear it with pride. I do this as I do not wish to look like every other avatar in SL, and in the main, because with very few execptions, I would not wish to wear the "big filmstar hair" that most designers make... primarily because it clashes on the alphachannel between prims and jitters... I don't like that... so I don't wear or make it like that. This doesn't mean that I'm not impressed by people's talents.. hell I am; seriously.

3) I am either a mild-mannered, painfully shy redhead (who likes to wear BIG coats that brush the floor) or a slightly more outspoken white-headed, tigerstriped girl from your nightmares who isn't afraid to prance around in sheer black PVC. The reason for the former is I like big coats.. and have a fetish for prim clothing, but that's by the by... and the primary reason for the latter is that I like to vent on occasion, and a good friend makes some of the finest latex garb in SL... solidarity with a purpose you know?

4) I have more neuroses than you could shake a stick at. More to follow...

5) I do have an other half, but I choose for reasons known to the both of us to keep their details under cover. This doesn't mean that I'm an easy target; and people hitting on me tend to get the full brunt of my wit; which has been known to make grown men cry.

6) I cannot type to save my life...

7) I refuse to say "lol", and wonder why I am the only person in the metaverse not to have succumbed to this tedious habit.

Not a lot to say right now - just worth mentioning the above to bring you up to speed about who I am, and where I stand, in-world. Also I wish to say for legal reasons that any opinions expressed by this individual do not reflect the opinions, views or beliefs of any Real World organisation, individual or whathaveyou; and in fact dop not necessarily represent the views of Kallisti Burns; Discord Designs or anything even remotely relevant. In short, this blog is all waffle, and likely to be a place where I vent when the need arises. Sadly with me, the little bottlerocket of nerves that I am, that generally means I'm likely to be in here more than I am in the main blog, whining about something or another... but still... always fun!

Until next time,


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